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Gallery of Quilts

Welcome to the gallery! Here you can see examples of my work, both custom made quilts as well as many products I make ready to sell in my Etsy shop. This gallery contains a mix of both sold and currently for sale items. If you see something you really like that isn't available in my Etsy shop, feel free to contact me to see if I can re-create a specific piece for you, I may have yardage of the same material still available!

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Fox Wildlife QuiltPersonal Project
Astronomy QuiltSold
Fairyland QuiltSold
Eryn QuiltCommission
Bright summer floral baby quiltSold
Bright robot baby quiltSold
Blue and grey lap quiltSold
Large Autumn Lap QuiltSold
Bright Stroller QuiltSold
Dinosaur Pram QuiltSold
Dinosaur Quilt DetailsSold
Dinosaur Kids QuiltSold
Jungle Quilt DetailsSold
Jolly Jungle Baby QuiltSold
Quilt DetailCommission
Custom Dinosaur QuiltCommission
Dinosaur Mini QuiltSold
Large Batik QuiltSold
Bespoke Baby QuiltCommission
Custom Baby QuiltGift
Girls Baby QuiltSold
Pastel Baby BlanketGift
Country Cottage QuiltCommission
Batik QuiltGift